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Educational projectors

Finding a suitable projector for school can be a difficult task. After all, there are so many different projectors available, each with different features and capabilities. The most important step for you is therefore to first determine what exactly you need. We would like to help you make the right choice and on this page we will therefore discuss the various topics that are of great importance when selecting the most suitable educational projector for education.

Ambient light in classrooms

Initially, you need to determine how much ambient light there is in the classroom. Once you know this, then you can make the right choice based on the number of ANSI lumens (the light output of the projector). An educational projector with the right amount of light output is very important for the students sitting in the back of the classroom. They too must be able to see the projection clearly without having to darken the classroom first. Most classrooms are often strongly lit. This is why we recommend purchasing an educational projector with at least 2500 ANSI lumens of light output. Is the ambient light in your classroom more than average? For example, because the sun often shines in? If so, it is better to choose an educational projector with a minimum of 3500 ANSI lumens.

Short throw of ultra short throw educatieve projector?

Now that you know exactly how many ANSI lumens the projector requires, it is next important to look at the projection distance of the educational projector. Of course, teachers don't want to be looking into a bright beamer lamp the entire class when they are in front of the class. However, this is often the case when you choose a traditional projector. We therefore recommend that you choose a short throw or an ultra short throw projector. Ultra short throw projectors are projectors that hang very close to the blackboard or presentation screen. This means that the teacher is not in the picture and the projection of the educational projector is clearly visible to all pupils. In addition, the teacher does not have to look into the projector lamp during the lesson.

The dimensions of the screen or digital classroom board

Another deciding factor for the right projection distance is the size of the whiteboard or projection screen hanging in the classroom. Does the whiteboard have a width of more than 300 cm? Then you better not go for a short throw projector, for example. Our experts will be happy to help you determine the correct projection distance and choose a suitable educational projector. Feel free to contact us without any obligation!

Are you planning to use a digital whiteboard? Then an educational projector is certainly the right option for you. Would you rather use this projector to project onto a projection screen? Then choose a tensioned projection screen. This type of screen does not warp and is not as sensitive to draughts that can occur in a classroom. These are factors that can contribute to an unsharp image, with the possible consequence that the software, the touch screen function or the digital writing option do not respond (properly).

An interactive educational projector

Today, most educational projectors are also interactive. Interactive projectors allow you to use the projection screen as a touch screen. For example, with a special digital pen or your fingers, you can write on the blackboard or screen and perform other actions.

Buy educational projectors at Projectorexpert

Now that you know what to consider when buying an educational projector, it is time to move on to the actual purchase. You can easily order our educational projectors in the web shop. 

Would you like more information about our educational projectors and all possible applications? Or do you need help with the installation and maintenance of the projectors in your classrooms? Then feel free to contact our experts and benefit from our years of experience in the industry. We are happy to think along with you!

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