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Professional projectors

Purchasing the right projectors for business can sometimes be a difficult task. For business presentations, you obviously want a projector to project your PowerPoint or Excel presentation qualitatively just as it is displayed on your computer screen. On this page, we cover several topics that are very important when selecting the most appropriate projector for the applications within your business.

In what room will you use the projector?

The room helps determine what brightness and resolution you need to project properly.

Size of the room

Are you holding a meeting or presenting in a large room and want to project an image of 3 by 2 meters over a distance of +/-10 meters? A projector often has a lens that only has a certain range. With such a projector, the image gets bigger and bigger the further you walk away from the projection screen. In order to project a quality image which is also displayed in the correct format, you need a projector whose lens is interchangeable. With a special lens such as a zoom or long distance lens, these requirements can be achieved.

Blackout options

Are you meeting or presenting in a bright room? Then you need a projector that has more Ansi Lumen. A large amount of light in a room causes the light from the projector's beam to diminish. This will give you a less clear image and any important details may be lost. If you want to prevent this, you can choose to darken the room in which you are meeting or presenting. Is this not possible, or is it difficult to do this every time? Then we advise you to buy a projector which has more Ansi Lumen (about 4,000) and thus a higher light output. Such a projector will project your presentation in high quality.

What will you use the projector primarily for?

The use of the projector also determines which functionalities you need.


Do you want to ensure a professional quality presentation? The resolution of a projector is an important factor for business users who want to see high quality images. Below you can see an overview of different resolutions:

Resolution Description
WXGA 1200x800 (16:10)
This is the most common resolution for laptops. Most (new) laptops have a widescreen display.
XGA 1024 x 768 (4:3)
This used to be the most common resolution on computers. Today, PowerPoint presentations are still created in this resolution
Full HD 1920 x 1080 (16:9)
If you work a lot with video presentations or also want to show movies / television or sporting events, then it is best to choose this resolution
WUXGA 1920 x 1200 (16:10)
For a clear to read image, it is important that the projector projects sharp images. Therefore, choose a projector that supports at least WUXGA resolution. That way you can be sure that every detail of your presentation is clearly visible.

However, keep in mind that the quality of your PowerPoint or Excel file is created in the same resolution as the native resolution of the projector. Obviously, you don't want to see distortions on the image. Set your laptop to the native resolution of the projector, this way you ensure that the native resolution of your laptop is the same as the native resolution of the projector.


Are you looking for a projector which should be interactive? Nowadays it is possible to give an interactive presentation in combination with an interactive whiteboard, also called a digiboard. With an interactive whiteboard you can make notes on the screen, save them and then share them, including your notes or calculations, with your colleagues or business partners.

How many people are watching the screen?

Are you watching with up to 16 people or are you watching the projection screen with more people? The number of people affects the size of the room and the distance from the projector to the projection screen.

Small Group

In smaller rooms, a projector that you don't have to set up very far from the projection screen is the most convenient. You obviously want everything to be ready for the presentation as soon as possible. For a PowerPoint presentation, you need a projection screen that is 1.60 wide (image diagonal of 60 inches) and a projector with a light output of 2,000 to 3,000 ANSI lumens and a resolution of at least XGA (1024×768 pixels).

Does your presentation contain many figures and/or technical expressions? Then it is better to choose a higher resolution such as WXGA (1280×800 pixels) or Full HD (1920×1080 pixels).

Large Group

For a presentation to a larger group of people, in a large room, it is wise to go for a projector 3,000 ANSI lumens or higher.

Will you also be using sound in your presentation? Most internal speakers, however, are not so suitable for larger groups. The volume is simply not sufficient for larger rooms. If you are presenting in front of a large group, you can use an external sound system and any microphone.

What is the distance between the screen and the projector?

Before buying a projector, it is helpful to consider how large a distance you want the screen to be from the projector. Short throw projectors project a large image from a short distance. There is a good chance that when using a regular projector, you will walk through the projection and cast a shadow on the screen. This is why short throw projectors are great for giving presentations.

How often will you use the projector?

How often you use the projector also determines the life of the light source. If your beamer lamp becomes dimmer you can replace it in many cases. Prices vary and can run up to several hundred euros. It is also good to take into account that not every projector has the possibility to replace a lamp. This means that with some projectors, when the lamp fails, the entire projector needs to be replaced.

Do you also want to use the projector on location?

If you mainly give presentations on location where you are responsible for bringing a projector, then you want an easy-to-operate projector, which can be quickly stored and is not too heavy. It is better to purchase a mobile projector. Mobile projectors are a lot more compact than business projectors. The number of ANSI lumens is lower on these projectors, making projection into a brighter environment more difficult. Darkening the presentation room will be necessary in most cases.

Do you often present to large groups in large spaces? Then a mobile projector is less suitable. It is better to look at a business projector, which is heavier and perhaps more awkward to carry, but you are assured of a quality presentation.

Personalized advice

Would you like to know more about projectors for businesses or do you want to know which projector is best suited for your situation, please contact us. You can also call us at +31(0)23-5517909. We are happy to help you further.

Types of projectors:

Below you can find more information about our types of projectors:

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