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Wall Brackets

Are you looking for a solution to mount your projector on the wall? On this page you will find exactly what you are looking for! In our assortment you will find various wall mounts for short throw projectors, specific models and universal projector wall mounts. These brackets are therefore extremely suitable for the projector wall mount that fits your location and projector. Whatever you are looking for in the area of projectors, Projectorexpert has it all!

Projector wall mount

You can hang and mount your projector in several ways. First, you can place your projector on a table, tripod or stand. These options give you a lot of flexibility and are useful in rooms where a projector is not permanently present or when you want to be able to move your projector frequently. Second, you can mount your projector on the ceiling. This is a common installation method where the projector is attached to a bracket or in a cage on the ceiling. However, not every room offers the possibility of a ceiling mount. Perhaps your (system) ceiling is not sturdy enough or your landlord does not allow you to drill into the ceiling.

In situations like these, a projector wall mount can provide the solution. The special wall bracket can be attached to the wall. This bracket consists of an arm, which is often adjustable in length and/or pivotable, and at the end of this arm there is a (universal) bracket with which you can mount your projector.

Wall mount for short throw projectors

We see the wall mounting of projectors most often with short throw projectors. This type of projector is intended for projecting images at a very short distance. A wall mount is therefore an ideal combination for this projector. You can mount the bracket on the wall directly above the projection screen. You then mount the short throw projector with the lens facing the wall and screen.

The advantage of this compact setup is that you do not have to run any cables through the ceiling. Also, the short throw projection distance ensures that you are never in the picture and everyone in the room can see your presentation on the screen. 

In our assortment you will find wall mounts for ultra short throw projectors from the brands Hitachi and Optoma, wall mounts for NEC short throw projectors, but also various universal (ultra) short throw projector wall mounts.

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Projector wall mounts

Wall mounts are not only suitable for (ultra) short throw projectors. You can also install your regular projector using wall mounts. In such situations, however, you do not place the projector wall bracket directly above the screen but you attach the bracket to the wall directly opposite the projection screen surface. Your projector is then hung in the bracket with the lens facing the presentation screen.

In our assortment, you will find various brackets that are suitable for regular projector wall mounting. For example wall mounts for Epson or Casio projectors, but of course we also have a variety of universal solutions. These universal projector wall mounts are adjustable in length up to 175 centimeters from the wall. Your projector will always hang securely and safely thanks to the adjustable universal brackets.

Are you curious which wall bracket is suitable for your projector? Our experts will gladly think along with you! Please feel free to contact us for tailor made wall mount advice.

Buy wall mount for your projector

Do you want to buy a wall mount for your projector? Then make sure that this wall mount has the right weight capacity. It is also important that the projector wall mount is possible on the type of wall that your space has. In addition, it is of course important to take into account the projection distance your projector needs to project a sharp image. So keep in mind that the length of the bracket is sufficient to ensure this distance.

You can order your new projector wall bracket easily online at Projectorexpert. Do you need help with the purchase or installation? Or would you like more information about our projector wall brackets? Then please feel free to contact us or call us directly at 023-5517909 (NL)

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